Brid River Wharf Reconstruction

Brid River Wharf Reconstruction

Demolition of existing wharf and construction of 80m retaining wall type wharf. Drive 21no 400 CHS piles up to 20m long within 25mm position tolerance. Dredging 800 tonnes of material out of the river. Installation of 18no 13 tonne precast panels. Timber works, concrete cast insitu works. Installation of geofabric and fill. Compaction, sub base and asphalting.

Client: Marine and Safety Tasmania
Date completed: December 2008
Description of works: $620,000

Details of Innovations and extra value for money:

TMC offered this con conforming design instead of a steel sheet pile wharf. The greatly increased design life and reduced cost resulted in great value for money.

Client Contact: Justin Foster – 0418142053