Excavating materials form port and marina to improve draft for berths and access into the port. Materil was a mixture of mud, sand, loose rock and sandstone bedrock. The hard sandstone bed rock had to be broken with a rock-breaker operating underwater before it could be dug out. Material was stockpiles in the carpark and […]


Ship supplies from Australia. Splice 711 x 12.7 piles to 24m long. Handle onto piling barge, pitch and drive to finish level which was 1m below water. Handle and fit telescopic spiggots for connection of break-wall pontoons to piles. We also had to excavate out the inside of some of the piles so the spigot […]

Queenstown Marina Piling Complete!

TMC has successfully completed it’s first international job in Queenstown NZ. TMC sent heavy piling equipment to this tourist mecca and drove around 100 piles for the first marina in Queenstown. The 6t telescopic piles were driven 1m below the surface of the lake within 20mm positional accuracy for a visually impressive Telescopic pile arrangement. […]