Southport Jetty Replacement

Southport Jetty Replacement

Replacement of Southport wharf with concrete and steel structure. Designed by GHD, 60 x  400 diameter steel piles with poly sleeves, precast headstocks and precast planks. Structure is 120m long with 3.6 wide jetty and 11m wide wharf out the end.

Client: Marine and Safety Tasmania
Date completed: April 2009
Description of works: $1.3M

Details of Innovations and extra value for money:

SMC worked with GHD to do slight re-design on the wharf to enable the whole of the job to be built by a crane on the deck of the new structure.

Also, no geotech was provided and shallow rock was encountered for the first 20 piles. SMC was able to barrel core the piles off their crane and penetrate 2.4m into rock on each pile with no extra cost to the client.

Client Contact: Justin Foster – 0418142053